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Penrose Dental are an Auckland Dentist offering full dental treatment from the simplest of white fillings to the more complicated of dental implants and other cosmetic dentistry Auckland services. Whether you are looking for a Ellerslie Dentist or Greenlane Dentist, our Penrose Dental services are nearby and easily accessible off Great South Road.

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Gum treatments

Bleeding, swollen gums with or without bad breath usually indicates an underlying infection which will eventually destroy the jaw bone that hold teeth in their place.

The common misconception is that the person suffering from this thinks he may be brushing or flossing too hard. Sometimes the gums don’t even bleed at all.

Any jaw bone that is lost no matter how little never grows back and is gone forever. The good news is that gum and jawbone infections are totally painless. Unfortunately when pain finally occurs it is too late to do anything about it except extract the affected teeth.  More alarmingly scientific research show a strong link between chronic gum disease and heart disease. Only a dentist or hygienist can assess the extent of the permanent damage done to the gums and jawbone and prevent it from getting worse.

White fillings

Also known as tooth coloured fillings there are 3 main types. These are

  • glass ionomer
  • composite resin
  • porcelain.

When done properly and in an appropriate size and location glass ionomer and composite resin fillings can sometimes last as long as the traditional silver amalgam fillings.

If greater strength and durability are desired for those cases unsuited for composite resin, porcelain inlays made by using Cerec CADCAM technology are a better and far more durable option.   Penrose Dental is one of the very few dental practices ( approx 5%) that offer CEREC restorations which are fillings milled from solid blocks of porcelain. Scientific research show the longevity of these fillings outlast that of any other ( Hickel & Manhart J AdhesDent 2001; 3 : 45-64) and more importantly preserves and protects the remaining tooth structure due to a high survival rate of over 90% over 10 years. ( Otto & De Niso Int J Prosthodont 2002; 15: 122-128 )


Crowns are restorations that cover the entire chewing surface of a tooth. They can be made of gold or porcelain and are much more expensive than fillings.

So why have a crown?

Sometimes a tooth has been filled so many times or has been so extensively decayed that not much is left. Science tells us that if a tooth is over 60% restored the remaining tooth structure will eventually crack without protection. Sometimes these cracks will extend deep into the gum or bone and the dentist will need to operate to remove all the broken fragments of tooth from your jaw. If a long term solution is desired for a heavily filled tooth only crowning it will give protection against cracking or fracture.

Missing teeth

If for some reason you have lost your teeth we can replace them. If missing teeth aren’t replaced the large gap that it leaves behind generally causes the other teeth to drift out of their normal positions collapsing or misaligning the bite.

  • Dentures are removable appliances that can replace one or more teeth. They are a great option for keeping the costs down. Some people may find them intolerable because they can float around in the mouth, affect their speech and taste or be embarrassed when it falls out unexpectedly.
  • Bridges are restorations made by fusing porcelain or gold crowns together to replace missing teeth. A crown is made for the missing tooth but is suspended over the gum by the crowns of the neighbouring natural teeth. The downside of bridges is that they generally cost more than dentures but they are fixed in place and therefore feel and look more natural.
  • Dental Implants are the best way to replace missing teeth if money wasn’t an object. Implants are titanium rods surgically placed into the jaw. The dentist will then make a tooth to attach to the titanium rod after a period of healing. Dental implants will preserve the jawbone that usually shrinks away when a tooth is removed and they do not require involvement of any neighbouring teeth.

Cosmetic Enhancements

One of the most enjoyable parts of practising dentistry is making a person look good and feel great.

Ugly teeth are a thing of the past with the help of tooth whitening procedures, crowns, veneers and dental bonding. Many patients at Penrose Dental have benefited from a new smile designed and implemented by Dr. Chris Lim. For examples please look through our case studies.

Emergency Care

We are experts in relieving pain and providing soothing care for anxious patients.

Whether it is an Extraction or Root Canal Therapy we strive to minimise discomfort and alleviate the fear of treatment.

Provided you ring in the morning we will do our utmost see to your problem promptly on the same day.

Preventive Care

Possibly the most important part of dental care is active maintenance. We have scheduled hygiene programmes at periodic intervals for all our patients to preserve the status quo of their oral health.

As we get older and the mouth runs up more mileage with eating, chewing and growing germs it deteriorates without exception unless it is actively maintained. Unfortunately tooth structure, gums and jaw bones can never grow back if any is lost to disease. By the time symptoms are felt it is already too late. Even with modern dentistry to fix or replace anything that is lost, it is rarely better than what was given naturally.

We look forward to helping you with your dental concerns. Penrose Dental – the place to go when looking for a Dentist Auckland,  Dentist Ellerslie or Dentist Penrose.